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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Potato Soup

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Low fat potato soup for better healthThick and tasty soup that is truly low fat and packed with flavor can be easily prepared at home. All you need to do for preparing low fat potato soup is to change some of the ingredients in the soup with those that are not fattening. Here are some very easy tricks which will help you to prepare a soup with potatoes, yet make it low in fat.


Use of fat free chicken broth:

Fat free chicken broth will make your soup low in fat content. You can prepare fat free chicken broth easily at home by cutting out the extra fat in the chicken pieces before cooking. Normally chicken broth contains 13 calories per serving including 2g protein whereas fat free chicken broth contains 10 calories per serving which includes 1g protein, and 0.5g fat.


Use of fat free gravy mix:

Gravy mix normally makes the soup creamy in texture as it contains flour and cornstarch in it. Fat free gravy mix contains whole wheat flour, which increases fiber content and nutritional value of the soup.


Use of low fat cheddar cheese:

Cheese make your soup creamier and tastier, you can add low fat cheddar cheese to your potato soup as it is a low crab food. Normally low fat cheddar cheese are prepared of skimmed milk, thus it makes your soup perfect, low fat content. Cheddar cheese is also used as a natural cure for gout, a common type of arthritis.Delicious low fat cheddar cheese


Introduce pepper:

Pepper adds flavor and taste to your soup. It has a great amount of antioxidant properties, essential to flush out toxins from your body, leading to a high probability of weight loss.


A low fat potato soup is always a delight – prepare it in abundance and have it as many times as you desire, without guilt.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Potato Soup