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Tips to Prepare Low Fat Cheese Soup

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know how to make low fat cheese soupIf you are diet conscious and love cheese you will have to convert your soup into a low fat cheese soup  by making few alterations in the ingredients. Yes, you read it right – cheese soup can be low fat also. In this blog, I am going to share some tips that will help you prepare cheese soup at home that has low fat content and is also tasty.


Reduce the amount of fat and sodium:

Usually cheese soup contains a large amount of fat and sodium - thus while preparing a low fat healthy soup all you need to do is replace cheese with the one that contains reduced fat content and  also an excellent chart of nutritional values. Parmesan cheese is the best alternative, as one oz of it contains 11g protein and just 1g of carbohydrates. Parmesan cheese enhances the taste of the soup with its flavor and texture.


Replace milk:

Whole milk can be replaced with skim milk while preparing low fat cheese soup, because per 8 ounce of whole milk contains 150 calories whereas skim milk contains only 80 calories making it perfect for a healthy low fat soup.


Use of herbs:

Varieties of herbs  offer fabulous taste and flavor to your cheese soup. Herbs like parsley and celery have amazing medicinal value and they are also great antioxidants, helpful to excrete toxins from our body.  These herbs also contain high amount of vitamin A and C.Cheese soup with herbs


Use of vegetables:

Vegetables like carrots, broccoli and onion adds dietary fiber to your soup and it also decreases the symptoms of aging.


Black pepper:

Black pepper  adds heat to the soup and it is also considered very effective for people who wish to lose weight.

Hope these tips for preparing low fat cheese soup will help you enjoy the sumptuous starter with family and friends!


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cheese Soup