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Victoria Beckham's Post Pregnancy Diet

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham's post pregnancy diet is featured quite often in the media circus now, mostly because of its controversial nature. Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and mother of four, has always been either hated or admired for her obsessive desire to be a 'Size Zero'. She gained close to 21 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter Harper. She is on a special diet known as the 'Five Hands Diet'. Let's take a look.


The Victoria Beckham's Post Pregnancy Diet:

Victoria Beckham has vowed not to step out of the Beckham's rented mansion in Malibu until she sheds all the pregnancy weight. I do not know how the Grazia magazine got the information but it quoted sources to say that Victoria Beckham is following the 'Five Hands Diet' to look 'presentable' at the New York Fashion Week from September 8th to 15th. This slightly offbeat and partially crazy diet allows the dieter to eat just 5 handfuls of food throughout the day. A source said, “Five days after giving birth, she started eating five high-protein meals a day accompanied by green vegetables, drinking gallons of water, and only snacking on goji berries and nuts.” And apparently, Victoria Beckham has cut sugar out from her diet and snacks on small portions of smoked salmon, yellow-fin tuna sushi, scrambled eggs, and prawns with chilli.


The same source also said that Victoria Beckham will start training with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. And since she had a C-Section delivery, she has been advised to go easy on exercise for a while. “Victoria’s been doing gentle post-natal exercises and 10 minutes of Pilates. In a few weeks’ time she’ll pick up her normal gym routine again and start training with Tracy Anderson,” the source said.


Final Word on the Victoria Beckham's Post Pregnancy Diet:

I will not recommend any new fad diet that some celebrity is following, even if it is Victoria Beckham. As a nursing mother, one has to eat the right meals with all the vital nutrients. It is not healthy if the diet is just high in protein and low in carbohydrates. A new mother must consult a doctor or a certified nutritionist before embarking any weight loss diet. Good luck!


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Victoria Beckham's Post Pregnancy Diet