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Tips to Prepare Low Fat Squash Soup

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Tips to make low fat squash soupSquash soup can be enjoyed all year round and it is also considered as a great starter that is simply perfect for all taste buds and can run-away appetites. You can prepare low fat squash soup easily at home by replacing few ingredients that are healthy with low fat content. Given below are some ingredients that can make your squash soup with low fat content and one that you will never feel enough of!


Olive Oil:

Olive oil in place of butter is a healthier alternative for preparing squash soup with low fat content. Olive oil preserves the taste and the aroma of the soup and it is also rich in antioxidants, essential for protection against heart problems. Moreover, olive oil is considered as an exclusive content of saturated fat essential for maintaining healthy body.


Eliminate Chicken Stock:

Instead of using chicken stock, you can use either vegetable stock or low fat, low sodium chicken stock. Low fat, low sodium stock can be prepared simply by removing the skin and trimming out the excess fat in chicken before it is cooked.


Replace Sour Cream:

Sour cream makes the soup savory and also provides it a fine texture. You can replace sour cream with either yogurt or fat free sour cream. While you buy or make yogurt at home ensure that you use skimmed milk so that it has reduced calorie and fat.


Use of Ginger:

You can also use ginger while preparing low fat squash soup. Ginger provides aroma to the soup and it is also considered very effective in cholesterol reduction.

Now, that you the ingredients required to make low fat soup, prepare the delicious squash soup and enjoy a healthier life!


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Squash Soup