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Tips to Prepare Low-Fat Pumpkin Soup

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Know how to make a low fat pumpkin soupChoosing a low-fat pumpkin soup helps you lead a smarter, better and healthier lifestyle, and reparing this soup at home is very easy. All you need to do is replace some ingredients with healthier, alternative options. Here are some tips that will help you prepare low-fat pumpkin soup.


Alternative for butter:

Butter is high in calories and fat. That being said, it is definitely one ingredient you may want to eliminate from your soup in order to make it healthier. Some alterative options for butter are olive oil, canola oil and margarine. These options may help reduce the overall calorie content of your soup but more importantly, they replace butter with heart healthy options. For example, olive oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are high in antioxidants and help protect against heart disease.


Eliminate Milk:

Milk provides the soup with a fine texture. However, you can use evaporated fat-free milk in place of normal milk, which can actually make your soup thicker, creamier and tastier. Evaporated milk is low in fat content and is rich in vitamin D and C. Another option is Silken Tofu. This tofu is different than regular, firm tofu in that it very flimsy and watery. It is ideal for soups and sauces in that it acts as a thickener without adding many extra calories. The extra calories that are added provide an exceptional amount of protein which may not normally be the case with vegetable based soups like pumpkin soup.


Use Low-Fat, Reduced Sodium Broth:

Vegetable broth and chicken broth make pumpkin soup tasty, but try using low-fat, reduced sodium chicken broth instead of the original kind. Low-fat, reduced sodium chicken broth has less fat content and fewer mg of sodium, which is better for your overall health, especially heart health and cholesterol. Tips to make low fat pumpkin soup


Replace Cream:

Normally we serve hot pumpkin soup with cream swirled into it as garnish, but while preparing a low-fat soup you can use yogurt instead of cream. Yogurt has lower fat content and contains more protein than cream, providing an equally tasty alternative that is also healthier for you!


We hope these tips will help you prepare healthy Fall soups to enjoy all season long with your family and friends!


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Tips To Prepare Low-Fat Pumpkin Soup