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David Beckham Diet

David BeckhamThe David Beckham diet secrets are much sought after by a lot of men who are looking at getting that lean, muscular frame. David Beckham is more than just a footballer, he is an youth icon. Anything that he does has a cult following. To get a body like his, one has to have superior level of dedication towards fitness and diet. If you think that you are up to it,  let's check out the diet and fitness regimen of David Beckham.                                                                                

The David Beckham Diet:

Some compare David Beckham's body to that of the Asian martial arts star Bruce Lee. Just like Bruce Lee, David Beckham's body is well toned, has excellent muscular build and has very minimal body fat. So how does he do it? Athletic and functional strength of footballers depend a lot on compound weight training. Some of the compound weight training exercises that David Beckham does are dead-lift, squats, bench press, bent-over/cable rows, shoulder presses and standing barbell curls. David Beckham's main chunk of cardio exercises come from his football training and playing. He works to improve his speed by doing pylometric training and old school circuit training like shuttle runs, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, skipping, jogging forwards and backwards, plus abs/core workouts and upper-body conditional with crunches, leg raises and press-ups (push ups).


When it comes to David Beckham's diet, a lot of things are at work together. He is on a high protein , low fat diet. And because he plays a high energy game like football, his body is like a fat burning machine. He eats a lot of green leafy salads, vegetables with low glycemic index, lean meats, fish and poultry. David Beckham also consumes nutritional supplements to maintain the tone and condition of the body, mainly the flexibility bit.  They include cod liver, glucosamine and chondroitin, and other vitamins and minerals . He also religious stays away from processed food products like pastas, breads and cakes. The carbohydrates that he eats are complex and they take a longer time to break down and they give Beckham a lot of energy.


Final Word on the David Beckham Diet:

Hard work and determination is definitely the key to having a body like Beckham's. But along with that, one must also be on the right diet and do the right kind of physical training. Go get them tiger!


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David Beckham Diet