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Tips to Prepare Low fat Tomato Soup

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Tips to prepare low fat tomato soupA low fat tomato soup can be easily prepared at home and you can enjoy its great taste, which is familiar and satisfying. Low fat soup also reduces calorie intake which is very important for maintaining healthy weight and in order to follow a strict diet program. In this article, I am going to share with you some tips of preparing tomato soup that has low fat content and also beneficial in maintain healthy physique.


Eliminate butter:

Butter makes your soup tasty, but you can always use low-calorie spray oil or margarine while preparing tomato soup so that the calories in the soup are reduced and it also tastes yummy.


Use of fresh celery sticks:

Fresh celery stick adds flavor to your tomato soup and helps curb your carving for rich food as well as sweets, which is very important for weight loss. Moreover, presence of celery makes the soup even beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.


Use Artificial Sweetener:

Sugar is loaded with calories, so you can eliminate sugar while preparing low fat tomato soup and add artificial sweetener to your appetizer. Artificial sweetener is a healthy substitute for sugar as it is low in calorie and also provides a sweet taste to your soup as sugar.


Eliminate cream:

Your soup can be yet be creamy and tasty, if you eliminate cream from it. All you need to do is to use low fat natural fromage frais instead of cream. This creamy soft skimmed milk cheese is virtually fat free and it also provides a delicious aroma to your soup.Low fat calorie soup for your family


Use of black pepper:

Black pepper makes your soup spicy and it also assists in cutting down fat cells, hence by introducing black pepper to your low fat soup you will be able to maintain healthy body that is important to remain fit.


Hope the tips will help you to enjoy your soup and also help in focusing on a calorie restricted diet!



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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Tomato Soup