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Tips to Prepare Low Fat Cauliflower Soup

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Low fat cauiflower soup is very healthyLow fat cauliflower soup is a delicious menu item which can be served for lunch or dinner. The soup can be easily prepared at home if you know the proper ingredients required to make it low fat. Low fat soup containing cauliflower has all the nutritional values required and it is also low in cholesterol which makes it best for maintaining healthy body. Here are some tips that will help you in making low fat soup easily at home and make it a great appetizer in your regular menu.


Use of olive oil:

You can replace butter with canola olive oil to make your cauliflower soup with low fat content. Canola olive oil is a healthy substitute for other fat in your soup. It helps each adult meet the daily dietary recommendation of saturated and un-saturated fat but does not increase the total calorie intake each day.


Use of herbs:

Herbs like celery and thyme provides a pleasant aroma to your low fat soup and it is also beneficial in maintaining healthy body because they have almost zero cholesterol. These herbs are also packed with minerals and vitamins essential for optimum health.


Fat free low sodium broth:

Use of fat free low sodium broth will make your soup healthy. You can prepare fat free broth easily at home by removing the skin and trim most fat from the poultry before cooking.Fat free low sodium broth


Increase in dietary fiber:

You can add other vegetable to your cauliflower soup so that it is more satisfying and full of dietary fiber. This will help suppress your hunger and also maintain proper health.


Use of Yukon gold potato:

Yukon gold potatoes make your soup rich and creamy and it also provides excellent nutrition and flavor to the soup. You can introduce it to your soup instead of cream.

Hope these tips will help you prepare low fat cauliflower soup quite  easily at home and enjoy with your family and friends.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Cauliflower Soup