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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Black Bean Soup

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Tips to prepare low fat black bean soupLow fat black bean soup can be an everyday lunch item or can be served at parties and family get-together too. Youngsters, elderly as well as diet watchers can have this soup without worry, because it shall not add to your weight. It is light, delicious and quite easy to prepare. Here are a few tips which shall help you to make your black bean soup low fat.


Fat free sour cream:

You cannot prepare this black bean soup without using cream – so, we need to look for a healthy alternative. Choose fat free sour cream which shall give you almost the same kind of taste, but shall not cause it to be rich in calories.


Low sodium chicken broth:

If you plan to use chicken broth in your soup, you need to make sure you are using a chicken broth which is of low calcium. Chicken used in preparing the broth needs to be without skin – this shall help to make it of low fat.


Low Fat Vegetable broth:

If you are using vegetable broth, you need to ensure that it is low fat. In case you are not able to find or use low sodium chicken broth, you can easily replace it with low fat vegetable broth.



You chopped cilantro to garnish the soup instead of cream which shall add additional calories.


Low fat black bean soup is often recommended by dieticians and nutrition experts for its nutrition value. Give it a try – I am sure, you will not be disappointed.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Black Bean Soup