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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Lentil Soup:

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How to make low fat lentil soupLow fat lentil soup is warm, nutritious, quite filling and makes a healthy lunch when served with crusted bread. When you choose to serve this low fat soup, remember that it needs to be served with a low fat salad or completely fat free salad dressing. Here are some easy ways to make your lentil soup low fat, in case you are looking for ideas.


Low fat vegetable broth:

When you are preparing a lentil soup, you will definitely use plenty of vegetables. Just ensure that the vegetable broth you use for the soup is low in fat. To ensure this, you can just remove the top layer of the vegetable broth when it cools down, which actually the slight oil or fat is floating – so, you will be removing the excess fat from the broth.


Lettuce leaves:

Lettuce leaves are known to collect any excess oil or fat around itself. If you wish to be doubly sure that your soup has no additional fat, drop some lettuce leaves while the soup boils. You can remove the leaves once your soup is ready and you can be assured that with the leaves, you have removed excess oil also.



You can use any type of garnish for your lentil soup, but do not use cream. Use evaporated milk instead which shall make it look delicious and enhance its taste too.


You can serve this low fat lentil soup to elders, kids and even those who are on a strict diet, because it has very few calories but plenty of nutrition.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Lentil Soup: