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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Onion Soup

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Know how to prepare a low fat onion soupLow fat onion soup can be served for lunch as well as dinner to your entire family or even to your guests, looking forward to healthy eating options. You will just have to be a little careful with the ingredients used in the preparation of the soup – use low fat alternatives only. Here are some quick and easy ideas for your onion soup to make it low in fat.


Low sodium beef broth:

Low sodium beef broth is completely necessary for the taste and flavor of the onion soup. Ensure that lean beef is used in the preparation of broth, which shall doubly ensure that you have a low fat soup.


Low sodium chicken broth:


In case you do not wish to include beef or not able to find low sodium beef, you can replace it with low sodium chicken broth. Ensure that the skin of removed from the chicken while preparing the broth.


Low fat mozzarella cheese:


Any soup is incomplete without cheese – your onion soup will also need cheese. To make it low in fat, you will have to add low fat mozzarella cheese. It is readily available in the supermarkets and stores near your home. You can include shredded mozzarella cheese in your low fat onion soup.


Low fat onion soup tastes wonderful as a lunch menu item with other dishes such as baked chicken and fresh ginger bread.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Onion Soup