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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Beef Soup

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Tips to make low fat beef soupLow fat beef soup is possible – only if you know about the alternative ingredients to prepare this soup. Whenever we hear about the use of beef in any food, the only thing which comes to our mind is the richness and calories. Here are a few tips to prepare a beef soup which is low in fat.


Lean beef:


This is the primary requirement for a low fat beef soup. Beef can have different cuts – use beef slices or cubes which are lean. This ensures that there is no additional fat in the beef you prepare.


Olive oil:


You need to use olive oil in moderation. If you choose to prepare a beef stew which is of lesser calories, you just 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Do not add butter or no need to use fat free butter too. The main motive is to use the minimum quantity of oil.


More vegetables:


It is intelligence to user fewer pieces of beef and more pieces of vegetables such as beans, carrots and potatoes. This helps to reduce the calories from beef in the soup even more. You can use one large chunk of beef and use plenty of other vegetables or just break down 1 chunk of beef into a number of pieces so that you can get more bites of beef, while having the soup.


This low fat beef soup tastes wonderful when served with bread – it is best described as a healthy lunch menu item.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Beef Soup