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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Celery Soup

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Tips to prepare low calorie celery soupA low fat celery soup is full of nutrition and great for health. Any homemade celery soup is prepared using fat free ingredients which is not always possible when purchasing the soup from your favorite superstore. Here are some tips which shall help you to prepare your favorite celery soup at home – completely low fat!


Fat free, low sodium chicken broth:


Chicken broth is an important ingredient for low fat celery soup, which gives it a special taste and flavor. Ensure that you remove the chicken skin when you boil the chicken, since the skin contains a large amount of fat.


Lettuce leaves:


Lettuce leaves are known to absorb fat around them. If you wish to have a low fat soup, you will need to remove the excess fat which stays in the soup. The best option would be to drop leaves of lettuce, while preparing the soup and removing them.


Replace full cream:


Full cream is delicious but it is loaded with harmful calories. If you are looking forward to something which is low fat, replace full cream with low fat cream or evaporated milk. There might be a slight change in taste, but it is going to be healthier.


Restrict butter:


Use low fat butter or margarine in place of butter which is much less in calories and healthier.

So, next time you choose to prepare your favorite low fat celery soup, hope you won't be clueless on how to make your soup really fat free.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Celery Soup