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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Ham Soup

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553232-delicious-low-fat-ham-soup.jpgw377h314Do not believe that a low fat ham soup isn’t as delicious as the richer and creamier one! Many of us make a mistake of believing that low fat implies a compromise in taste – its not true! Low fat soups actually make use of alternate ingredients to make the soup a healthier option. Here are some tricks which shall help to make your soup low fat, yet very delicious.


Low sodium chicken broth:


You must use chicken broth which is comparatively lesser in calories. You can remove the skin of the chicken and then use its broth, which also helps to reduce the fat content amazingly.


Evaporated MilkEvaporated milk for low fat ham soup:


Its true that heavy cream helps to add richness and taste to any soup, but if you are looking forward to low fat soup, you should not use heavy cream. Use evaporated milk in place of heavy cream.


Low fat butter and margarine:


Butter adds to the taste of any soup. If you do not add butter, its taste is not going to be the same, but you have to use an alternate to butter if you want a healthier option. Try and use a low fat butter or margarine when you are preparing ham soup. The taste and flavor remains the same, while calories are decreased.


Have your favorite low fat ham soup for dinner and lunch and have a healthy life!


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Ham Soup