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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Broccoli Soup

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Healthy low fat broccoli soupLow fat broccoli soup can be really enjoyable, since you do not have to worry about the calories consumed while having the soup. The only difference between this soup and that is of calories and you make a slight change in the ingredients – you just replace the high calorie ingredients with low calorie ones. If this sounds really confusing, here are a few tips which shall make the entire soup preparation quite easy for you.


Low fat ingredients:


Low fat broccoli soup requires a number of ingredients –some of which are fat free. So, here are a few such ingredients which shall make your soup fat free.


  • Olive oil – Use this oil instead of butter and margarine which are high in calories.
  • Low sodium fat free chicken – This ensures that there is no fat in the chicken. You will also need to ensure that you remove the skin from the chicken, which shall make it fat free.
  • Vegetable broth – Replace chicken broth if you are not able to get low sodium chicken broth or fat free chicken broth. Include fresh vegetables as much as you can.
  • Non fat milk – Ensure that you use special milk which has no additional fat content.


Sugar free almond milk:


This is an interesting low calorie option to make any soup delicious without adding calories to it. Sugar free almond milk is a very low fat option which can be added with garlic cloves and sautéed with onions and pepper. It shall make the soup even more delicious.




This is a great way to add body to your low fat broccoli soup. You can use mashed potatoes in the soup and stir it well. Once potatoes are added, these can be pureed in a blender. This makes it a very satisfying lunch.


Low fat cream:


Broccoli soup does need fresh cream, but at the same time fresh cream increases the calorie count. If you cannot do without fresh cream, you have the option of using low fat cream cheese. It will reduce the calories while ensuring the taste is same. 553231-low-fat-cream-added-to-broccoli-soup.jpgw500


Now, its your turn to start healthy living – start by preparing low fat broccoli soup and enjoy with your family and friends.


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Broccoli Soup