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Christina Ricci Diet

Christina RicciChristina Ricci's diet has found its balance now but she was once anorexic during her teen years. Make no mistake, this 31 year old 'Monster' actress looks fabulous in her petite frame. Sources say that she is in a very good and healthy place right now. So let's take a look at the Christina Ricci diet.


The Christina Ricci Diet:

Like many women out there Christina Ricci was once obsessed with her weight. So in an interview with Elle magazine she said that she has stopped weighing herself and skips the booze. No diet is complete without the equation of food in it. "I try to eat healthy, and eat a balanced diet. I love pasta, but I've recently started trying to eat more vegetables and fruits," Christina Ricci said. She does like to indulge in her favorite foods like pasta and other tasty treats once in a while, because she does not believe in depriving the body of good things. Moderation is the key to a healthy body and mind. She also drinks a lot of water and green tea to keep her system clean.


Christina Ricci's fitness plans mainly consists of going to the gym regularly and sweating it out. "My boyfriend(now ex) and I go to the Hollywood Y[MCA] five days a week, and I walk uphills at really, like, extreme inclines at least 45 minutes a day," she said, adding, "And then, I do push-ups, dips, chest presses on different days, and basically just dink around with the different weights." No wonder she has such killer abs, I mean, haven't you seen her bikini pictures of late?


Final Word on the Christina Ricci Diet:

Christina Ricci has figured out that the key to a healthy body is to feed it with a healthy and balanced diet. She eats lean meat along with more fruits and vegetables now. One can follow her example and drink a plenty of water to keep the system clean and to prevent hunger pangs. Hit the gym regularly like her if you want to flaunt a much more toned body. Beside, I think that it is very important for all the women in their 30's to be more physically active than how they were in their 20's as their metabolism rates slow down. So good luck!


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Christina Ricci Diet