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Nicole Kidman Diet

Nicole KidmanIf there is something that stands 5'11” tall and looks insanely spectacular, then that must definitely be Nicole Kidman. Many of us wonder what must be the Nicole Kidman diet is! Afterall, this Australian actress at 44 years of age is perhaps one of the best looking and also the most sought after actress in Hollywood. Some might argue that it is just good genetics. No matter what the argument is, Nicole Kidman looks fabulous. Let's take a look at her diet and fitness plan.

The Nicole Kidman Diet Secrets:

Nicole Kidman does not have the fear of heights, but she definitely has the fear of pesticides in her food. So she eats organic food for as much as possible. In case if you haven't noticed, Nicole Kidman has flawless skin texture. That definitely must be because of the fact that she has a very clean diet. “ I try to eat well, only organic foods: salads, fish and sometimes pasta, but I am no friend of food with a high fat content,” she said. Another thing is that, she eats at least 5 small meals a day. That is a good way to keep the metabolism high. Nicole Kidman said, “I have to eat several times a day to satisfy me.”


When Nicole Kidman was pregnant with her second biological child, media speculated that she might bulge out. But that never happened. Though she gained several inches around her waist, she was able to get back in shape in no time. Nicole Kidman is a big fan of water bodies as she loves swimming. Even though she loves swimming in the sea, these days she restricts swimming in a pool. She also loves playing tennis. She is at the tennis court playing for 1 hour, 2 times a week. Nicole Kidman has a hired full time trainer with who she works out and goes out on hikes and jogs. She is also a long distance runner and has been spotted running 7 to 12 miles at one go. She definitely has tremendous energy or so it seems.


Final Word on the Nicole Kidman Diet:

Well, Nicole Kidman's diet seems to be Ok to me. She not a teenager anymore and knows that she has to be careful with what she is feeding her body. The general idea is that everyone should be aware of what they are eating. But that begins with the understanding of one's own body first. So yeah, go figure! And...ummm... good luck!


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Nicole Kidman Diet