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Kate Beckinsale Diet

552631-kate-beckinsale-diet.kate-beckinsale-dietThe Kate Beckinsale diet is a true Hollywood turn around story. I'll tell you why. Kate Beckinsale,38, the stunning star of movies like Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing and the Underworld franchise flicks used to be an anorexic. It got to a point where she thought that she was going to die, because she didn't even have the strength to stand up. She says that was when she had her big 'aha!' moment, like how Oprah would describe it. "Finally I realized I had to choose between being a person or a professional anorexic." So what is her diet these days?


The Kate Beckinsale Diet:

The 38 year old mother of one says that she finally found her balance. Through her teenage years and through her early twenties she had body image issues. Now she has learnt to make peace with herself and has also learnt to treat herself kindly.Kate Beckinsale tells the world that is is no point to deprive oneself of food. She enjoys all her favorite foods by portion control. That way she knows that she is not going to pig out on anything. Every once in a while she does treat herself to sweet things like cupcakes. Another thing about the Winged Creatures actress is that she does not eat carbs at night. She eats grilled fish with vegetables instead.


Though Kate Beckinsale is not a big fan of the gym, she has turned her garage into a gym. “I’ve recently got back into exercising four times a week. I run for half an hour at a time but never outdoors, as I don’t exercise in public,” she said. Kate Beckinsale now visits her gym in the garage, four times a week. And in an interview with Elle UK, she said, “I just can’t make it part of my daily life, I go to the gym when I have to, and if I have to bulk up or slim down for a film, I will."  To lose her post pregnancy weight she did the Baby Bulge Be Gone diet with the founder and trainer, Ramona Braganza. Kate Beckinsale's new movie, "Underworld: Awakening", is all set to release in 2012 and while shooting that movie, she had to hit the gym every day, doing martial arts, weights, running, plus boxing.


Final Word on the Kate Beckinsale Diet:

Be kind to yourself. Make peace with your body, because that is the only one that you will have in this lifetime. Portion control is a good idea to follow, especially if you are a foodie. And be religiously devoted to the gym or to any other physical activity of your choice.


Good luck!


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Kate Beckinsale Diet