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Zoe Saldana Diet

Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana's attitude towards diet, fitness and age is different altogether, and that is exactly what Zoe Saldana diet story all about! She shot to worldwide fame with the role of a sexy blue-skinned alien, Neytiri, she played in Avatar, has always been on the thinner side because she has been dancing for most part of her life. But she does do her bit to stay that way. Let's take a look.


The Zoe Saldana Diet:

To begin with, this beauty believes in balance. In her own words, "I love feeling in tune with my body and eating right. Sometimes I pig out on pasta, but that’s OK. The next day, I just eat healthy". Unlike a few other celebrities I have written about, Zoe Saldana does not believe in depriving her body of anything, especially food, just because she wants to lose weight. So she has found a better way out that is to eat in moderation. Her daily meals are properly balanced out with the right amount of whole grain carbohydrates, lean protein, fruits and vegetables, plus a lot of water.


Zoe Saldana Work Out Regime:

Dancing is very close to her heart and she has been a ballet dancer for long. Very often, she works up the sweat by practicing her ballet moves. So if she is not dancing then she definitely practices pilates three times a week. “It’s the closest thing to dance so it’s no wonder I’m drawn to Pilates exercise,” Zoe says. She has also hired a fitness trainer, who helps her to keep that great shape. Above all, what deserves special mention is her motivation to keep herself active. Zoe Saldana proudly said, “If I didn’t have a fitness trainer to push me in my fitness training exercise program, I’d go walk for about 15 minutes instead. This is also a good cardio exercise for me.”


Final Word on the Zoe Saldana Diet:

Her no frill diet is just about portion control and eating right. Finally, enroll in a dance class, as it does tone-up your body! Take it from me, dancing is the funnest way to lose weight and to stay fit. The best part about dancing is that you will feel so alive and you won't even know how those calories are burnt. Good luck!


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Zoe Saldana Diet