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Valerie Bertinelli Diet

Valerie Bertinelli

The Valerie Bertinelli diet success story is definitely the toast of the USA. If you were a teenager in the USA back in the 80's, then you would definitely know Valerie Bertinelli who played to role of Barbara Cooper Royer in the television series One Day at a Time. She is a self-confessed emotional eater who weighed 172 pounds, which was overweight for her 5'2” frame. Then she had a miracle comeback by losing 48 pounds. After which she graced the cover of the People magazine in April 2009 in a green bikini, showing off her new body. Let's take a look at her diet.


The Valerie Bertinelli Diet:

Like a lot of us out there, Valerie Bertinelli is someone who obsesses about weight. "I have obsessed about my weight in some sort of way all my life. I used to write in my journal what I weighed every day,” said this single mother of one. Valerie Bertinelli saw Kirstie Alley lose a lot of weight with the help of the Jenny Craig diet and she decided to it too. With the help of this diet, she did lose 48 pounds and is now in the shape of her life. The Jenny Craig diet is more of a traditional weight loss system where it focuses on eating healthy portion controlled meals, coupled with exercise. Jenny Craig diet service also provided prepackaged meals to the dieter. While on the diet, Valerie Bertinelli was allowed to eat 1200 calories per day and she lost 2 pounds per week. Now, that's fit!


So what were the exercises that Valerie Bertinelli do to shed all that weight? Well, she went old school. "I've got this old-school workout—push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips. And it worked. Anybody can do this at home," she said. Valerie Bertinelli also said the following, “I'm not big on the gym. I would rather be outdoors. You really can get fit without an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. I have this one-mile loop around my house that I like to do. My first goal was to walk the loop and make it up the hill at the end without stopping two or three times. Then, as I got in better shape, I tried to do it while wearing my weighted walking vest, -- it felt so heavy, I couldn't believe I made it up the hill. Now, my goal is to jog the whole loop while wearing the vest.” On the weekends, she goes and plays frisbee on beach with her friends.


Final Word on the Valerie Bertinelli Diet:

Guess what, she did it. Clearly, she did not use any modern gym equipments to lose that weight. She tried some traditional methods and it worked for her. She was not on any crazy diets either, just sensible portioned controlled healthy meals. If she can do it at 51, anyone can do it. So make a decision today to live a healthy life.


Good luck!


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Valerie Bertinelli Diet