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Mary-Kate Olsen Diet

Mary-Kate Olsen

There isn't actually a Mary-Kate Olsen diet; there only seems to be a lack of it. Mary-Kate Olsen along with Nicole Ritchie and Renee Zellweger is considered as one of the skinniest celebrities in Hollywood. She and her twin sister Ashley were not born with the 'skinny' genes. They were quite the bonny babies. Remember them in Full House? But as Mary-Kate grew older, I guess she succumbed to the immense pressure to stay skinny in Hollywood.


The Missing Mary-Kate Olsen Diet:

I wonder why these celebrities punish themselves by not eating at all. Mary-Kate Olsen, as media speculates, is probably suffering from an eating disorder even now. It has been said that she would have a diet composed of salads, diet coke, a lot of Starbucks coffee and sushi. And then some sources say that she would eat out with friends and then go home and work it all out to make sure that no calories stick to her body. There is also news that Mary-Kate often orders miso soup while at lunch with friends. This soup is very low in calories (just 36 calories per serving). She also has a large soy latte which has about 100 to 120 calories in total.


Mary-Kate Olsen along with her sister Ashley smokes a lot or Marlboro cigarettes. Cigarettes and coffee contain caffeine which is a proven appetite suppressant. Mary-Kate Olsen was also treated for anorexia and right now, she says that she has learnt healthier ways to stay slim.


Things are not clear as to what she does as a part of her fitness regimen. Some sources say that the Olsen sisters use the treadmill every day.



Final Word on the Missing Mary-Kate Olsen Diet:

Ditch it! Do not think about going on crazy diets like Mary-Kate Olsen. She is definitely not setting the right example for her fans out there. So remember that skinny anorexic people are not sexy and they never will be. Do not have any misconceptions about that. Let your meals have the right portions of whole grain carbohydrates, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and stay away from that damned cigarette. Hit the gym regularly. But all this wouldn't make any sense if you do not make peace with yourself first. Respect and be kind to your body. Do some soul searching and figure out what is your body ideal. Let everything else start from there.

Mazel Tov!

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Mary-Kate Olsen Diet