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Nut Free Meals

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Nut Free Food ItemsHaving to include nut free meals in your daily diet does not mean that you have to forgo the pleasure of eating. Nut allergy is one of the most common allergic conditions that affects the average American and it would help you to take care of yourself if you abstain from food that contains the nuts, either in entirety or as extracts. The best part of formulating meals is to stick to food stuffs that are considered to be safe, those that have no trace of any kind of nuts within them. But how are you going to avoid such foods and still eat a balanced and nutritious meal? Read on to find more about the nut free meal.


Nut Free Breakfast

  • French toasts can definitely combine the best of both worlds by providing you with your daily dose of carbohydrates as well as protein. You can also add onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell pepper slices to the egg batter and fry the breads in olive oil to make the most out of them.
  • A cold smoothie prepared by mixing together banana slices, berries, and orange juice along with a small quantity of milk can fill you with the required vitamins and minerals right at the start of the day.
  • Johnnycakes with a twist can help you look forward to an energy filled day indeed! Simple include cornmeal, soy yogurt, and sugar and salt to the list of ingredients and you will find yourself keen to grab a second helping.


Nut Free Lunch

  • Roast beef sandwiches can include green bell peppers, crushed garlic, mushrooms, and crisp onion rings within two slices of healthy grain bread apart from thinly sliced roast beef that is not underdone.
  • A bagel spread with yummy raspberry jam, and a sprinkling of Jack Monterey cheese is certain to be irresistible to your child if you are concerned about your kid’s diet.
  • A large bowl of salad greens and a glass of milk mixed with cocoa powder is enough to make your child healthy and strong.
  • Slipping in an apple is another idea that is liable to bear fruit.


Nut Free Dinner

  • A dish of broiled tuna or salmon fillets with mayonnaise will help you make a change from the boring fare that you may have been contemplating before you.
  • A dish of pasta mixed with greens and sun dried tomatoes along with succulent olives is definite to be welcomed by your entire family.
  • Add some eggplant parmesan to that and finish it off with some plain chocolate cake and you will find it hard to say Ciao to your nut-less Italian dinner.


There is no need to stick unwaveringly to a single kind of food if you have to deal with nut allergy. Experiment with various ingredients that do not contain the allergen and you will find the entire experience of whipping up nut free meals enjoyable indeed!


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Nut Free Meals