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Peanut Free Snacks

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Peanut free cakePeanut free snacks are not a rarity. In fact, you are likely to come across quite a few of them if you just look around. Keeping your allergic child healthy will certainly not be a problem. But you do need to avoid commercial products as much as you can as they may contain the dreaded allergen in some form or the other. Try to put together a peanut free snack list and prepare them yourself. It is quite a simple task in itself. Just read on to find a few unique ideas and compile your own recipes.


Rice Krispies

A great source of fiber and utterly delightful to taste, the rice krispies can be incorporated into a number of kid friendly recipes. Create cookies, cakes, and combine with dark chocolate to convert it into a stringy, chewy candy. You can also manage to overcome quite a few food restrictions with the aid of this crunchy, nutritious snack.


Yogurt Fruit Delight

Adding sliced fruits to a bowl of plain yogurt and sweetening it with honey or agave can help you to keep your kid healthy without compromising on taste. Strawberries, blueberries, and bright red cherries along with sliced banana make the dish a veritable delight which is choc-a-bloc with vitamins and essential minerals that make your child grow stronger in spite of the food restriction.


Mini Burgers

Use two tiny burger buns to cover up fat free baked tuna or thinly sliced roast chicken along with a lettuce leaf and sliced cherry tomatoes. You can allow your child to dip it in cheese sauce or plain mayonnaise instead of reaching out for processed condiments.


Gelatin Animals

Get creative as you cut animal shapes with the aid of a cookie cutter from sheets of frozen gelatin. Use a variety of flavors and watch your kid beam with delight.



Bake simple sponge cakes in the form of cupcakes and cover with chocolate or whipped cream. Use fruit bits or chocolate chips to decorate instead of opting to use artificial color and flavorings.


Now that you have an idea of how to go about preparing peanut free snacks, start looking around and you are sure to come up with a multitude of recipes that can be recreated perfectly without peanuts.





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Peanut Free Snacks