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Wheat Free Snacks

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Wheat free snacksBeing diagnosed with celiac disease or wheat allergy might have you worried. You do need to resort to wheat free snacks whenever you are plagued by hunger pangs and given the amount of wheat used just everywhere, it might not be quite so easy. You do not really need to be alarmed either! There are choices available for you, alternatives that would make you reach out for the plate eagerly, all thoughts of delicious wheat snacks banished out of our mind. Take a look at the list of wheat free snack items and get an idea of how you can enjoy yourself even without the staple.


Rice cakes

Tasty and filling, the rice cakes can certainly keep you satisfied for a couple of hours at least. Try spreading cream cheese or sweet apple sauce over the top and you will find yourself unable to share this delectable morsel with your friends.


Dried fruits and nuts

Pieces of dried fruits interspaced with healthy nuts can certainly make a wonderful snack item. Feel free to reach out and grab a handful even as you try to keep an eye on your work. The dates, raisins and almonds along with dried lime pieces and pecan nuts should provide your body with every essential mineral and vitamins.


Devilled Eggs

A cold dish of devilled eggs, spread liberally with mustard or seasoned with paprika and salt , help to fulfill the protein requirement of your body. The snack packs a nutritious punch, enabling you to feel alert and ready for the work ahead.


Spicy Sausages

Small cocktail sausages that are grilled until golden brow can certainly make a delectable snack without having to fear  the accidental intake of wheat and its repercussions.


Granola/ Chocolate Bars

Nibbling on health bars can help you to add even more nutrition to your daily diet in the form of oats, honey, and dried fruits all of which can keep you energized throughout the day. An ideal snack food that can be  bitten into if you feel the need to sink your teeth into something substantial.


The dark chocolate is considered to be another healthy food that is full of antioxidants. Take care to choose a bar that contains only the plain variety without too much of additives and you are likely to have no trouble keeping your sweet tooth in check.


It is possible to avoid wheat completely and yet stay healthy. Try out some of these wheat free snacks and the array of mouth watering breads, cakes, and pizzas at a confectionary or a baker’s shop would not be able to tempt you ever again. 


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Wheat Free Snacks