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Dairy Free Snacks

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Dairy Free FoodThe idea of obtaining dairy free snacks seems slightly difficult in case you need to. Milk is still thought to be the most convenient food for preparing healthy snack items and avoiding it altogether while providing your child with adequate nutrition might send you running for help. There is absolutely no need to fret though!  All you have to do for getting an idea is to go through the snack items listed here. Here we go…


Fresh fruit

Add a fruit to every meal that your kid has. Fresh fruit will not only help him to obtain the required vitamins and minerals it will also energize the body keeping him attentive and alert throughout the day. Changing the variety of fruit each day will help to break the monotony as well as provide a well-balanced mix of nutrients.


Whole Grain Sandwiches

Open-faced sandwiches made with healthy wholegrains will definitely help to keep your child satiated. Feel free to add colorful vegetables that are thinly sliced as sandwich fillings and you can use almond or peanut butter as the basic spread on the bread. Cutting the bread into different geometrical shapes will keep your kid guessing and looking eagerly forwards to his snack time.



A cool, refreshing soup prepared with plenty of vegetables will definitely keep your child hooked. The olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and cider vinegar that goes into it will provide adequate nutrition to your kid while making him feel grown up indeed!



Chocolate fudge created without milk or cream as well as the decadent chocolate cake made with soymilk is bound to heighten your kid’s interest in food while helping to keep him well nourished. Do read the food label of chocolates carefully though! It may contain milk solids or dairy proteins in miniscule amounts which might prove to be troublesome for your child.


You do need to protect your child if dairy allergy or lactose intolerance happens to be a problem. You can certainly innovate by creating recipes for unique dairy free snacks which will help your child to stay well and happy.


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Dairy Free Snacks