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Lactose Free Meals

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Lactose Free FoodLactose free meals are not especially difficult to plan especially if you know for sure what you need to avoid. But why do you need to avoid them in the first place? Well, you may be aware that lactose is a sugar, originally found in milk that is digested with the aid of a specific enzyme in our body. Absence of the enzyme makes it difficult to break down the milk solids causing discomfort. Take a look at what you can include within a lactose free meal if you need to plan one.


Lactose Free Breakfast

  • Soy or rice milk is an ideal alternative that you can consume with your breakfast cereal. The products are available in numerous flavors. Simply choose the one you fancy and get set to enjoy your morning meal.
  • Crisp toast over which you spread a thick layer of margarine is an alternative that you are likely to cherish.
  • Eggs cooked according to your choice can help you to derive your daily dose of protein and nutrients. You can tuck into them with abandon as they have no trace of lactose in them.
  • Black coffee can make you wide awake! However, it is advisable to go easy on caffeine and opt for a cup of green tea instead.


Lactose Free Lunch

  • Sandwiches containing innovative fillings can certainly fill you with delight. However, be careful to avoid butter and cheese spreads. You can relish the small bites in accompaniment to mustard, pickles, and mayonnaise that contains no milk or cream.
  • Grilled, baked or curried meat dishes can be retained as your main dish as long as they are not cooked with milk products. Opt for vegetable or olive oil as the cooking medium and watch yourself grow fit as a fiddle.
  • A large helping of fresh green vegetables in the form of a salad will help you to get your portion of dietary fiber as well as pump up the vitamins.
  • Fruit juices or a fresh fruit can invigorate you substantially. Do not forget to skip the milk based, sugary desserts and bite into a crunchy apple or a platter full of berries after the meal.


Lactose Free Dinner

  • Baked tuna or grilled salmon can make an enjoyable change, providing you with just the right amount of protein and beneficial fatty acids.
  • A dish of pasta or noodles stir-fried with vegetables makes a perfect accompaniment at dinner. A side serving of fiery bean chili might satiate your urge for the exotic as well.
  • Soy yogurt or crumbled tofu can serve as healthy desserts as you can also go to bed after taking a bite of dark chocolate that is likely to make your dreams sweeter indeed!


It is best to read all the food labels carefully while you are engaged in planning lactose free meals, as the unlikeliest of them might contain hidden milk solids. Stick to a few basic rules and you will remain healthy and strong in spite of being lactose intolerant.


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Lactose Free Meals