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Gluten Free Snacks

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Gluten FreeGluten free snacks may be ignored if you have no problem tucking in to cookies and breads, most of them made of wheat. However, you do have to be careful if you have been diagnosed with wheat allergy or celiac disease and cannot consume the aforesaid products with ease. Snacking on crispy and savory items can certainly help you to stay healthy especially if you do have the time to sit down to a full-fledged meal. Read on to find out all about nutritious gluten free snack items that will help you to overcome your urge for gluten rich cookies and breads.


Crunchy Apples & Carrot Sticks Dipped in Almond Butter

The fruit and vegetable combination helps you to stay healthy while satiating your hunger even as you remain energized throughout the day. Throw in a handful of raisins along with it and you will be able to savor the delicately  sweet taste which help your blood sugar levels to stay regulated. The only catch is the almond butter. You do need to read the food label carefully in order to see that is pure in form without any harmful additives.


Raw Smoothies

A vegetable smoothie prepared with kale, spinach, and other irresistible garden greens will help you obtain the requisite vitamins and minerals along with other phytonutrients. Blend the dark leafy vegetables together with a ripe banana and lime juice. Eat it by spoonfuls even as you remain immersed in work.



Creamy yogurt preferably made from goat’s milk and interspaced with crunchy edible seeds, and nuts will help to make your day. Opt for the plain variety instead of a flavored one. Simply add honey or agave to it and you are likely to forgo the more expensive, gluten rich snack items any day.


Rice Cake

Cakes made from rice flour are nutritious and gluten fee. It will help your body to obtain the carbohydrates necessary for functioning, keeping you free from danger at the same time. The home made variety is the best but do check out the labels for additives. It will also be wise to avoid the commercially available Quaker variety because of the cross- contamination issues linked with it.


Hard Boiled Eggs

The best food that can help you to concentrate on work by keeping you alert is the protein filled natural food in the form of boiled eggs. A mid morning snack of boiled eggs seasoned simply with salt and pepper will make it worth your while to refrain from gluten free snack items.


You can have fun experimenting with the gluten free snacks as suggested in this article. Here’s wishing you best of luck!


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Gluten Free Snacks