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Nut Free Snacks

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Nut FreeNut free snacks are available commercially but may not always help you to remain healthy. Almost all products contain peanuts as well as a variety of tree nuts in some form or the other and trying to consume them in spite of being allergic will certainly not help you in the long run. Taking a little time out from your busy schedule and preparing a few snacks that are completely free of nuts is certain to bring back your peace of mind. Each and every nut free snack that you prepare with your own hands will help you to understand your predicament clearly. Here’s a list of snacks that do not use nuts in any form. Take a look!



Adding healthy cheeses to your diet is an ideal way to ensure the required amount of protein for your body. Spreading it on whole grain crackers is the easiest snack item that you can consume. Making quesadillas and wheat tortillas topped with fat free cheese and colorful bell peppers make wonderful snack items, as does the ricotta cheese-cocoa powder combination which can be dipped into maple syrup for satiating your sweet tooth.



The Mid-Eastern delicacy can definitely keep your heart healthy while providing you with an ample amount of dietary fiber and protein. Simply add a clove of garlic and some cumin to boiled chickpeas or garbanzo beans and polish off your plate after adding a dash of lemon juice and salt to it.


Granola Bars

There is absolutely no need to give up eating granola bars if you are not allowed to consume nuts. Bake the bars yourself by blending oatmeal, honey, wheat germ, and vanilla together. Add honey to sweeten it along with a dusting of cinnamon powder and you are ready to snack on the delicious nut-free granola bars whenever you want.


Crackers with Applesauce

Boil half a dozen apples which have been sliced finely along with some apple juice to make your own version of the rich fruity sauce. Flavor it with a drop of limejuice and dusting of cinnamon powder, keep it simmering until it turns thick, and appears glazed. Dip crackers into it whenever you feel hungry. Freeze a part of it and enjoy it as a topping on homemade ice creams.


It will not do to shy away from the problem if you are on a restrictive diet. Face it head-on by making your own nut free snacks and everything will be right with the world.


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Nut Free Snacks