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Ashley Olsen Diet

Ashley OlsenAshley Olsen along with her twin sister Mary Kate has been in the news for one reason or the other. One of the reasons is the appearances of the Olsen sisters, especially Ashley, who has always been on the smaller waif-like side of the weighing scale. We are not sure if she is eating the normal food portions these days. She used to be a healthy kid but our guess would be that she has succumbed to the pressure of staying thin in Hollywood town. On that note, let's take a look at the Ashley Olsen diet or rather the lack of it.


The Ashley Olsen Diet:

Media speculates that Ashley Olsen could possibly be suffering from an eating disorder. There has never been any specifics about what she eats on an everyday basis, but there are some other disturbing news. It has been said that she would have a diet composed of salads, diet coke, a lot of Starbucks coffee, and sushi. And then there has been news that she would eat out and then go home and work it all out to make sure that no calories stick to her already bony (not bonny) body. She would perform a series of exercises and lifts involving the arms and legs. She weighs just about 40 kilos and that is underweight for her 5'1” frame. That's scary or what!


There have been confirmed reports saying that Ashley Olsen does yoga and aerobics as a part of her fitness regimen. But I think that her fitness regimen should start with adding some healthy food to her plate. To top it all, the Olsen twins were even planning on writing a diet book. What were they planning to write in it, if they themselves forgot to eat.?


Final Word on the Ashley Olsen Diet:

Forget it! Not even worth considering. Being underweight is not sexy and it will never be. Eat healthy. Add the right amount of whole grain cereals, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables to your diet. Drink a lot of water and hit the gym regularly. Having a great body does not equal to having a skinny body. Mind it!


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Ashley Olsen Diet