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Sandra Bullock Diet

Sandra BullockThe Sandra Bullock diet needs a standing ovation. Sandra Bullock does a great job at everything; be it movies, or be it being the mother of young Louis, or having that fantastic body. At 47, having such a toned body could be an impossible dream for a lot of women, but this Practical Magic actress makes look easy. Her commitment and determination to stay fit commends respect. So let us take a look at the her diet and fitness regimen.


The Sandra Bullock Diet:

Sandra Bullock does not have any specific diet plan. It is just plain sensible eating. “I really changed my eating habits, from pizza and Diet Coke to something like maybe a piece of chicken and some vegetables on the side,” Sandra Bullock said. Her meals are filled with lots of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grain carbohydrates. She also has a 'cheat day' for every week. On that day, she gets to eat whatever she wants. She is human after all; she does have some sinful food indulgences.



When it comes to her fitness, the Proposal actress tries to exercise everyday for as much as possible. “I do a lot of Pilates, kick boxing and weight training in L.A. and when I’m in Austin I run or ride a bike.” she said. Her LA trainer, Eden Paul, added, “We love to incorporate plyometrics (jump training), weights, Pilates and boxing.” Yet another thing that keeps her in top shape is are her exercise routines. They are so different that they shock and surprise her muscle groups. There is no way that her muscle groups get comfortable with one pattern of exercises. The key is variety. On a lighter note, the humorous Sandra Bullock adds, “People ask, ‘How do actresses do it?’ Um, they pay us to do this in order to look good on film.”


Final Word on Sandra Bullock Diet:

Sandra Bullock is definitely sets the right example for all the women in their mid forties. Ladies, life does not end when you are in your forties. It is perhaps the time for you to rejuvenate yourself. Take Sandra Bullock's diet and fitness regimen and make it your own. Good luck!


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P.s: Sandra, you were way too good for that loser Jesse James. Respect!

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Sandra Bullock Diet