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Wheat Free Meals - Wheat Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas

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The idea of having to stick to wheat-free meals for the rest of your life might make you morose but there is no need to fret over it. There are alternatives galore and you might actually start enjoying your wheat-free meals enormously, especially with the mouth-watering delicacies laid out before you. Still unsure? Take a look at some of the meal ideas that don’t need wheat to make.


Wheat-Free Breakfast

Fruit smoothies are an excellent way of starting your day. You can also add almond or hemp milk to it and make it even more nutritious.

Gluten-free Cherry Oat scones are ideal for sinking your teeth into, as they do not use wheat products, being prepared with brown rice and hemp flours instead.

Eggs are traditional breakfast items that are nutritious and full of protein. Making an omelet with two or more eggs with some spinach, tomatoes, and onions thrown in could be anybody’s idea of an ideal breakfast, right?

Just add a bowl of oatmeal porridge along with a banana or any other iron rich fruit and you are ready to face the day.

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Wheat-Free Lunch

A bowl of clear vegetable soup or chicken soup.

Roast potatoes with mustard or parsnips.

Steamed brown rice along with grilled beef or chicken with gravy.

A large platter of green salad with vinegar or mustard dressing.

Baked bananas or pumpkin pie baked without wheat flour for dessert.

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Wheat-Free Dinner

Chicken Salad with steamed vegetables

Basque Lamb Stew served with fresh mint and lime wedges.

Minestrone Soup cooked in Italian style

An exotic dessert of Zabaglione made with sugar, egg yolks, and Marsala wine.

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In Between Meals

Well, you need to nibble in between meals too and wheat is no option there either. So you can nibble on fruits or nuts, whenever you feel hunger pangs setting in.

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Wheat Free Meals - Wheat Free Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner Ideas