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Why Raw Food?

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Folks hi, we eat what we choose to eat because it tastes good right?  75% of Americans are over weight, is it time to start looking why?  The rate of sickness has been rising to alarming rates in the USA has any body really found the cause?  Allergies, weight gain, diabetes, cancer what really causes them.  What it I told you that food was the number one cause of all these issues and just by changing your diet you can not have to worry about having these issues.  Well that is why i built to educate people about what they eat.  Now I am not saying never eat cooked food again since that is just some extreme but what it you just incorporated some really healthy foods into your diet.  Who would not want to eat a banana cream pie or cheese cake?  Everyone loves deserts so I have posted some really nice raw deserts that you can sink your teeth intoJ 

Why eat raw food? that is the question of the hour is raw food really that good and better then other diets? What do you think?


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hey raw food media - you both look great as a couple - and is it the raw food glowing on your face.  you must see the raw food expert dan's profile. He has a some recipes too and i once tried his raw butternut sqaush spaghetti which was awesome Go guys go! Why dont you start a full raw food group and videos series on ifood?
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Thanks i will contact the raw food guy i was just in NY last week to. rats i could of met up with him:)
Why Raw Food?