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Katie Holmes Diet

Katie Holmes DietThe Katie Holmes diet is shrinking by the day! Oh Katie, Katie, Katie what is wrong with you? Her diet has been a little extreme these days. She has dropped from a healthy UK dress size 10 to a somewhat scary UK dress size 6 now. A source told the press the real reason why she lost the healthy weight and it shocked many.  This Mad Money actress has always been on the slender side of the weighing scale but let's take a look at the reasons behind her weight loss that is totally uncalled for.

The Shrinking Katie Holmes Diet:

Some say that Katie Holmes' drastic weight loss is because of an extreme diet similar to the Black Swan diet. This diet is called as the Purification Rundown.  She weighs just 50 kilos now because of this extreme diet. She has been drinking Celcius, a metabolism boosting drink that contains less than 10 calories. The drink claims to contain a ‘thermogenic blend’ which increases metabolism in order to burn calories and it sounds suspicious. A source said that she would just keep drinking this all the time and it would make her tired always.


And a different source said the following to Now! Magazine: “Katie's been on an extreme diet. She started cutting back on food, particularly protein, to drop a few pounds as she'd seen pictures of herself looking a little heavier than usual. She's gone from a UK size-10 to a UK size-6 and she's still losing weight. Katie still feels inadequate when it comes to Hollywood. She thinks she's only where she is because she's married to Tom Cruise. Her view, however wrong, seems to be that getting super-thin is the only way to win more movie roles."


"Katie knows that she has to show off a skinny physique if she wants to be part of that world," says an insider. Are you kidding me? Katie you do not belong in the manically depressed skinny world; you belong with us in the healthy and sane world out here.


Final Word on the Shrinking Katie Holmes Diet:

Don't even think about it. If you are looking at losing weight, you have to do it the healthy way. Hit the gym and start eating healthily. Extreme diets are bad for you. Got that pumpkin!


Image Courtesy: JacopoRaule

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Katie Holmes Diet