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Ashlee Simpson Diet

Ashlee SimpsonIt could be a lot difficult if you have the very talented Jessica Simpson as your older sister, as it would constantly put your life in comparison. But Ashlee Simpson has carved a niche for herself in the music business. And unlike her older sister who struggles with weight issues, Ashlee Simpson has always been on the slimmer side. In 2008, when she was pregnant with her first child, she gained 30 pounds. Later with sheer determination, she had lost all that weight. Her personal trainer, Mike Alexander said, "Ashlee is very disciplined, and she really takes care of her body." I'm sure about that and let's take a look at the Ashlee Simpson diet.


The Ashlee Simpson Diet:

After giving birth to her son Bronx Mowgli (I wonder what kinda name that is!), Ashlee Simpson was on a mixture of different diets. She took the best aspects of each diet and made a new diet that suited her. She is a self proclaimed big eater and she said, "I'm an eater, I love to eat." But after her pregnancy, she took away all the bad carbs and fats from her diet and replaced it with all the good ones. She also took the services of a meal delivery company.


What I love about Ashlee Simpson fitness regimen is her positive attitude towards it. “It's a good thing I love being active, too. Working out makes me feel stronger and sexier,” she said. Ashlee Simpson said that she followed the teachings of book called 'Body After Baby: The Simple 30-Day Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight.' This book helped her to spend a lot of time with Bronx, while working out and bonding at the same time. She also admitted in one of the interviews that carrying around her son everywhere (especially the stairs) has also helped her to lose weigh quicker. When she is not tending her toddler, she hits the gym and trains with her personal trainer. “I definitely hit the gym. I’ll do 30 minutes when he’s down for a nap. I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio and I also like a class called Cardio Barre, which is an aerobic dance workout,” Ashlee Simpson said.


Final Word on the Ashlee Simpson Diet:

Well, I have to hand it to her. She managed to lose all that pregnancy weight and get back to her former shape pretty soon after childbirth. Ashlee Simpson definitely sets the right example for all the young mothers out there who are looking at shedding their post pregnancy weight.


Good luck!


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Ashlee Simpson Diet