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Dukan Diet’s Celebrity Fan Base Keeps Growing

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dunkan dietThe revolutionary Dukan Diet has found a solid fan base among the celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Middleton. Scores of other celebrity women swear by this medically-tested and highly effective diet plan to keep their weight under check.

Dr Pierre Dukan, a Frenchman, spent 35 years of his life to research and devise the Dukan Diet, with a single aim, which was to help people remember how to eat healthy and stay fit. Ever since its launch last year, the Dukan diet has caught on like a forest fire and with high-profile celebrity endorsements from figures like Lopez and Bundchen. It should come as no surprise that the general public will not be far behind in adopting the same.





Dukan Diet – Take A Peek


  • The first phase is that of “attack,” in which you begin to eat unlimited food, e.g. fish, eggs, dairy products (no-fat), meat and oat bran.
  • After 2-10 days, your attack phase changes to “cruise” phase, wherein you alternate the attack phase days with cruise days. On cruise days you have to eat unlimited vegetables and salad.
  • In case you are going out of home on a holiday or official work, you can eat protein with salad and vegetables and 2-4 tbsp of oat bran. The Dukan Diet also allows  those small pleasures like a small piece of cheese, a piece of fruit or a glass of wine. You can allow yourself these small indulgences from time to time.
  • After you come back from the holiday or work, you can stick to your holiday eating plan, except for that there no wine for this phase. This is called the “Dukan’s Consolidation” phase.
  • In order to stick to your new weight for a long-term period, you need to continue this consolidation phase for five days for every pound in weight loss.
  • The three pillars of the Dukan Diet are: - eating oat bran daily, daily exercise and protein-only on Thursdays. 

The twist in the tale or diet is that the celebrities are using this diet plan, not to lose weight, but to maintain their already good shape. For example, some of the celebrities spend a few days on the Attack phase before attending a red-carpet event or participating in a photo shoot. In other words, they are using this diet to keep their bodies camera-ready. Kate Middleton used this diet to get in shape before the royal wedding.

The fact that the Dukan diet needs to be coupled with an active lifestyle, which includes an ample amount of exercise, cannot be emphasised enough. Dr Dukan himself says that it is important have a balanced diet with a balanced lifestyle.

Now that we have brought to you the latest trend in the Dukan diet, along with the pros and cons, do give it a thought whether you want to join ranks with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kate Middleton and Gisele Bundchen? The choice is yours.



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Dukan Diet’s Celebrity Fan Base Keeps Growing