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Rachel McAdams Diet

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdams has been hitting a series of home runs with her movies like Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Sherlock Homes. This 32 year old Canadian actress is born with the 'lean' genes and she doesn't really have to try too hard. But she is definitely not taking that for granted, because she does go on diets every now and then. So what could be the Rachel McAdams diet? Scroll below for details.


The Rachel McAdams Diet:

Yes, it is true that the Red Eye actress has a terrific metabolism, but she definitely does not pig out at every meal. Smartly enough, she portion controls her food. She eats small but healthy meals through out the day and drinks a plenty of water. Her meals usually laden with fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grain products. She also does the Master Cleanse Diet once in a while to flush the toxins from her body. This liquid diet has to be followed for 10 days, during which a concoction of freshly squeezed lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and filtered water that is free of fluoride must only be consumed. However, during the Holiday season, Rachel does let go and enjoys the food with family and friends. She says that the Holidays are all about “food and family.”


Rachel McAdams leads a very environment friendly lifestyle. Matching to her lifestyle, she practices Kundalini yoga every morning. The core concept of this yoga is to blend the various physical poses with the spiritual energy present in the universe. Rachel also practices pilates on a regular basis. She says that she also leads pretty hyperactive life that she burns off all the calories by just running around, doing her chores.


Final Word on the Rachel McAdams Diet:

Though Rachel McAdams has been blessed with the 'lean genes', she does practice yoga and pilates to keep herself in that great shape. She also eats small but healthy meals throughout the day, and by doing this her metabolism is naturally high. If you choose to do the Master Cleanse diet, then please do so under medical supervision. That liquid diet is definitely not for everyone. And to be in your best shape, all you have to do is eat right and hit the gym regularly.


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Rachel McAdams Diet