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Kristen Bell Diet

Kristen BellThe Kristen Bell diet has an optimistic twinge to it. The Couples Retreat star says, "If I can burn 10 calories by avoiding the elevator, I'm all for it. More flights of stairs means I can eat more candy!" Kristen Bell became a vegan at the tender age of 11. Even though she knows that eating healthy is the key, occasional food splurges are OK. "I've learned I don't really feel well after I eat it but I also know that devouring a whole cheesecake with my girlfriends can feel incredible!" she said. And on that note, let's take a further look at her diet.


The Kristen Bell Diet:

Kristen Bell used to be a vegan but now she is a vegetarian. She likes to have organic food as much as possible and even has an organic garden in her back yard. She likes to have her food fresh as much as possible and tries to avoid processed foods. She eats whole grain bread and eats many colorful salads. “I make a spinach salad with things like blueberries, apples and carrots.” Kristen said enthusiastically. Ideally for breakfast she would love a slice of whole-wheat toast and a few Morningstar Farms veggie sausages. "They’re low in calories but really satisfying," she said. She also has a few favorite guilty indulgences. "Everyone has certain foods they can’t live without; for me it’s ice cream and my homemade triple-chip cookies.”, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star said. Interestingly enough, she finds it “comforting to count calories” because helps her to keep a tab of all that she is feeding her body.


When it comes to her fitness, Kristen Bell does not have any big diet mantra. She leads an overall active life. She would always take the staircase and not the elevator. She has been doing it for 7 years now. "There are weeks when I have zero free time. if a crew is fixing a light between takes, I’ll do a few leg lifts or squats." she said. She seems to know what it means to 'make each second count. Kristen Bell also tears a few workout pages from magazines and tries them out in her trailer. One of her seemingly favorite things to do would be standing leg lifts and biceps curls with 1-liter water bottles. "It may not seem like a workout, but these small things really do add up over time," she said.


Final Word on the Kristen Bell Diet:

However, I would recommend some protein for her and there seems to be no signs of it. Otherwise, she has a very healthy attitude and a very healthy lifestyle. You can definitely follow her diet and fitness tips.


Mazel Tov!


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Kristen Bell Diet