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Courteney Cox Diet

Courteney CoxCourteney Cox is our beloved Monica Gellar of Friends. At 47, she looks fabulous, and we know why she was cast in Cougar Town. She has had her skinny days for which received criticism, but right now she has found her balance. She said, "Well, first of all, I never exercised during Friends - I just smoked loads of cigarettes. Now I eat and exercise, and you know, do everything I can... I just try a lot harder than I used to." On that note, let's delve into the Courteney Cox diet.


The Courteney Cox Diet:

Courteney Cox knows that she is no longer in her twenties and that metabolism slows down in mid forties. She is on a low carbohydrate diet wherein she limits her carb intake to just one meal a day. On a typical day, the Scream star would start off her day with scrambled eggs, some milk and some lean bacon. Sometimes she would have 3 slices of salami with a scrambled egg. For lunch she would have grilled salmon with herbed vegetables. Sometimes, she would have baked chicken with sautéed vegetables. For dinner she would have whole wheat pasta and maybe with some lamb roast and potatoes. Courteney Cox snacks on fruits through out the day. However, proving that she is human, she does have a cheesy eggplant lasagna when she is in the mood for it. She avoids caffeine but loves to drink coconut water.


Courteney Cox does hit the gym regularly. I am told that she indulges in various physical activities.Courteney workouts include Budokan (a type of karate), running, and she loves pilates. She also does some dance aerobics to keep her toned body just as it is. When at the gym, she does several different types of squats. Squats are a great way to have great hamstrings, butt, and thighs. Courteney is mindful of what she should be doing to her body.

Final Word on the Courteney Cox Diet:

Courteney Cox is someone one who is aware of how a woman's body would be in her mid forties. She is doing what she has to keep herself fit. She is on a low carbohydrate – high protein diet on most of the days. She drinks plenty of fluids to keep herself hydrated and toxin free. Courteney also spends the right amount of time in the gym working out. And pilates classes really help to activate and strengthen your core muscles. Good Luck!

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Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
"Low carbohydrate – high protein diet" with plenty of fluids, worth trying for a younger look and a wonderful glow !!
aparna.priya's picture
Bright, your blog is very inspiring for all the elderly ladies. Can you pls let us know what kind and proportion of diet one should have when she is in her forties?
FitGal's picture
I am sure of one thing now that whatever the age, it is hard work and perseverance that helps people lose weight and stay fit. Unfortunately, I lack on both fronts. Can anyone help me here?
PriyankaPoddar's picture
wooohooo....liked the blog...inspiring...i can always forward this blog to my mom...she will feel better reading it alone...its a different story she will actually try it or not..thanks for the feel good still.. ;)
Anonymous's picture
A healthy diet and regular exercise is the basic mantra of staying fit and beautiful for ages. All woman reaching 40, should follow this mantra religiously.
umaima's picture
Courtney has always inspired me. Whether its her character as Monica or her stunning looks, and this time her diet has done it again. Way to go Courtney.
Samina.Tapia's picture
She's 47!? Now truly her diet is very effective.
Anonymous's picture
Looking attractive @ 40 is not impossible...but why wanna wait till you hit 40!!! Start exercising today and share the dieting secret with those who are struggling to find a perfect diet plan.
foodiefreak's picture
Dieting and exercising should go hand in hand, but, what is the right amount of time to be spent in the gym?
delicious.bites's picture
Courteney Cox is truly an inspiration...
Gourmet.lover's picture
This piece of write-up is truly inspiring!
vijay's picture
Well, diet and physical exercise might help, but I doubt that's all these stars do. We all know about botox, liposuction, face lifts and god knows what these celebrities do to help them look younger.
foodietweetie's picture
Wow....she looks stunning and if her diet is doing wonders than I am definitely going to follow this diet. But I believe that her gymming regime and regular exercise is proving beneficial as well:)
oatmeal's picture
Courtney has been inspiration for women of all ages. Its simply wonderful to know about her diet in this details. Thanks Bright for giving such a nice information.
thot4food's picture
Courtney is truly amazing. But I wonder whether the diet will work for us as well.
oatmeal's picture
She is 47? Unbelievable? I think its something worth a trial!
barbecue's picture
The blog encourages us to be on high protein diet,for leading healthy life. In mid forties, how amazing the diet has played role in her life...very inspiring!
Anonymous's picture
Cool, great information about, Courteney Cox's diet, a must read for all the people who want to have body like her. Do's and don'ts of good health.
foodpsychologist's picture
Hey ! So a diet regime for the not-so-young is ready here and its so easy to follow. BTW, can anyone tell me what are 'pilates' ?
Shakun's picture
Her diet and work out regime sounds simple enough, but I'm compelled to wonder if that is all there is to it. I once read that Courteney is a staunch supporter of colon cleansing (and it can work wonders for your skin and health!).
bronzegoddess.bright's picture
Yep!!... Courtney's my homegirl!
Courteney Cox Diet