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Charlotte Church Diet

Charlotte Church DietThere isn't any specific Charlotte Church diet, because she had once said, “I just love food and hate the gym – it’s a pretty curvy combination.” But this Welsh singer did something right, because she dropped from a dress size 16 to a dress size 8 within a year of her second child's birth. Some speculate that she would have resorted to smoking to curb her appetite and thereby losing weight. But of course she denied it. Let take a look at the juicier details of this story.


The Charlotte Church Diet:

Charlotte Church ballooned to a size 16 during her second pregnancy. She admitted that she ate a lot of food(read: unhealthy food). She was desperate to lose all that pregnancy weight but hated the idea of going to the gym. So what she did was portion control. She also cut down on her junk food and added more lean meat and vegetables to her diet. Charlotte Church also said, “I certainly haven’t embarked on some great exercise regime to get slim. Exercise is alien to me and I don’t like doing it. I just eat better and eat less food than I used to.” Ahem!


When it came to her physical fitness, 'The Voice of an Angel' turned to her husband Gavin Henson, the Welsh rugby star. A couple of training runs with her husband left her gasping. She said that such tough physical regimen is for trained sportsmen like her husband. Though her husband loved her in any shape that she was in, she wanted to be healthy for her 'kinder'. “But I do now have the perfect incentive to lose weight and get more in trim – and that’s my kids.” she said. So what Charlotte Church did was that she went on long walks with her husband. Walking is a less strenuous but a great way to keep the metabolism high and burn some calories.


Final Word on the Charlotte Church Diet:

It is great that Charlotte Church realized that she had to cut down on her junk food addiction and that she has to eat healthily. However, I would recommend a little more physical activity. Though walking is a great way to keep active, it might not always be effective for every one. Hitting the gym and doing exercises that suit one's lifestyle is a better idea. Good luck!

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Charlotte Church Diet