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Tyra Banks Diet

Tyra BanksYou must have heard about Tyra Banks' diet after she shed 30 pounds in 6 months. Even if it is old news it is still hot news. Tyra Banks, 37, who is a model, actress, businessperson and the host of America's Next Top Model knows that being in the modeling business would bring along both good and bad media attention. She has been pioneering the fact that how important it is for all us to embrace ourselves as we are. This does not mean that she is promoting careless eating and laziness. Scroll below for Tyra Banks diet and fitness details.


The Tyra Banks Diet:

Tyra Banks' diet is quite simple actually. She mostly eats healthy balanced meals. She also portion controls her food. But lucky for her, she has a personal chef who cooks healthy dinners for her. Like most of the health conscious celebrities, she eats a lot of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. Tyra is also a big fan of soups. If notice closely, soups are an excellent way to curb hunger pangs. She make many soups from her favorite soup recipe book is “400 Best Ever Soups” by Anne Sheasby. She also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.


When it comes to her fitness, Tyra does a lot many things; very interesting things actually. She does some difficult routines like winging a sledgehammer, running with an open parachute around her waist, chasing after medicine balls that are thrown in all different directions, using kettle balls and boxing routines. If that wasn't enough, she does practice boxing at New York City’s Trinity Boxing Club. She can throw a mean punch and men, y'all have been warned. Tyra is very much an outdoorsy person, so prefers to jog in the park than run on the treadmill.


Final Word on the Tyra Banks Diet:

There is nothing unusual about her diet but her fitness regimen is very unusual. In my opinion, if you don't like the gym so much, be involved in other physical activities that would interest you. It is OK to be different as long as you know the way to stay in shape. And it also helps to mix it up. Good luck!


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Tyra Banks Diet