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Daniel Craig Diet


Celebrity Diet - Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is back in the media spotlight, thanks to his marriage to Rachel Weisz. But what has always been in news is the Daniel Craig diet and workout regimen. The 43 year old British actor had to lose some weight and gain some muscle for his role as James Bond, the smooth talking amorously polygamous British spy. Did he mix any magic protein in his martinis to get in to shape? Of course not; he really had to be on a strict diet and give up some of his favorite indulgences. Now, let us look at what his diet and workout would be like.


The Daniel Craig Diet:

Daniel Craig had to make a few sacrifices in order to get that muscular look. He gave up smoking and all the junk food. He also had to limit his alcohol intake to just to two days in a week. Daniel Craig has 5 small meals a day. Having 5 small meals a day would keep the metabolism up and running. He makes sure that he stayed away from refined carbohydrates like pasta and white bread after 2 pm. He also limits his starchy carbohydrate (potato, rice, sugary drinks) intake. Daniel Craig eats a lot of lean protein along with a lot of fruits and vegetables. He would drink a post workout protein drink or would have some yogurt.


When it came to the Daniel Craig workout, it really helps to have millions of dollars. Daniel Craig trained under expert supervision, and got that muscular and slightly intimidating physique. He trains for 5 days a week for about an hour each day. He does 10 reps of the following; clean & press, weighted knee raise, weighted step-ups, pull ups, inclined push ups and triceps dips. On specific days, he would concentrate on specific regions in his body. On Tuesdays, he concentrates on his chest and back. On Wednesdays, he works on his legs. And on Thursdays, he targets his arms and shoulders.


Final Word on the Daniel Craig Diet:

Daniel Craig's diet and workout program not very different from any other self righteous gym- going-protein-eating celebrity that we know. Daniel Craig is 43 and he is in such great shape because he has a nutritionist and a trainer at his beck and call. But for all the other men who are in their 40's, it might take a little longer to get his shape but it is not entirely impossible. Hard work at the gym and a healthy diet always helps. Good luck!

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Daniel Craig Diet