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Cameron Diaz Diet

Celebrity DietCameron Diaz, 38, is not only known for her million dollar smile and acting skills, but is also known for killer body. She looks stunning in her newest movie, Bad Teacher. This 1.75-meter tall, blonde actress once used to have junk food and drink alcohol almost every day without giving a damn. However, she has changed all that and now loves working up the sweat, and eating right. “I have never, ever watched what I eat in my life, but I do now.” she says. So let's take a look at the Cameron Diaz diet and workout regimen.


The Cameron Diaz Diet:

Cameron Diaz is on what is called as the 'Reverse Diet'. It is not as complicated as it sounds. She starts her day off with a healthy carbohydrate rich breakfast, and ends the day with lean protein and vegetables. “You have to give your body the right nutrients and really think about what’s best for it,” she says. Cameron Diaz also drinks a lot of water and eats healthy pistachio nuts or almond nuts as snacks. She is now sworn off fried foods. One has to be very thoughtful of what one is eating, she said in an interview. Ms. Diaz also said, “You want to stay small, you have to watch what you eat.”


Considering the fact that she is dating A-Rod now, she is hitting the gym regularly. She trains with the celebrity trainer Teddy Bass 3 to 4 times a week. He said that Cameron Diaz likes to keep herself lean and toned. When it comes to her workout, Bass said, "Cameron has good genes but she makes working out a priority, so we train as often as we can. Depending on her schedule, we'll do 45 minutes of Pilates or if she has 90 minutes we'll do half weights and half Pilates and flexibility work."


Final Word on the Cameron Diaz Diet:                                      

Cameron Diaz is blessed with 'lean' genes, but that is not keeping her from hitting the gym and trying to keep her body that way. She has also given up of fried foods and other junk food. She eats healthily now. The moral of the Cameron Diaz diet story is - eat healthy, hit the gym, and find a boyfriend like A-Rod. wink

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Cameron Diaz Diet