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Nicole Scherzinger Diet

Celebrity DietAlright, raise your hands up if you have never looked at Nicole Scherzinger and thought; 'Damn, that woman looks so good.' Ah! That's what I thought, no hands up. The 32 year old, Hawaiian, ex-Pussycat Dolls singer tops the list of female celebrities who have fantastic bodies. But you know what, she said, "Ignore what you hear about miracle diets and stick to eating healthily and exercising.” On that healthy note, let's take a look at the Nicole Scherzinger's diet and exercise regimen.


The Nicole Scherzinger Diet:

Nicole Scherzinger says that she comes from a background where kids are taught to eat properly, three times a day. When she was younger, she was just a regular kid who loved pasta and sweets. Now that she has gained a deeper understanding of food, she tries her best to eat healthy. For breakfast, she has eggs with brown toast and butter, and smoked salmon. Sometimes she would have some cereal with almond milk. At lunch, she has salmon with poached eggs. For dinner, she has pasta with chicken or fish. Some of her favorite healthy snacks would include raw cashews, almonds, cherry tomatoes, or bananas. Nicole Scherzinger drinks plenty of water and drinks alcohol in moderation. This doesn't mean that she is superhuman, she does have her food cravings. She loves crumpets, cakes, and chocolates and she does have them in moderation.                                                                                                                         

Nicole Scherzinger grew up as a very active child. She likes to run a lot and she likes to run outside. She encourages parents to let their kids to go out and play, and have fun. When she trains in the gym, she makes sure that she doesn't just concentrate on one area. She likes to keep everything in balance. So Nicole does weights and interval training which helps her keep her toned body exactly the same way she is. Music is one thing that keeps her going in the gym. She says, I think music is key when you're exercising. It motivates you.”


Final Word on the Nicole Scherzinger Diet:

Nicole Scherzinger is probable born with some 'slim' genes, but she definitely knows how to keep her body toned. Her approach to diet and fitness is quite commendable. Her diet is rich with lean protein and the healthy carbs come from fruits and vegetables. She also drinks a lot of water which will prevent hunger pangs. Nicole also has a holistic method about her workouts at the gym. In short, her diet and workout regimen is fantastic. Double thumbs up from me!


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Nicole Scherzinger Diet