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Elle Macpherson Diet

Celebrity Diet - Elle Macpherson DietElle Macpherson is the only Australian supermodel, or for that matter is the only woman to grace the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue; 6 times. She stands gloriously 6 feet tall, and she has been aptly dubbed as 'The Body'. Not all of us are born with 'supermodel-like' statures. But we can definitely know about the Elle Macpherson diet and fitness regimen, and work at getting into the best shape that we can ever be. Read on!


The Elle Macpherson Diet:

Elle Macpherson is someone who likes to eat 100% organic foods as much as possible. This explains why at 48 she still has 'The Body' of a 20 year old. Organic food has all the nutritive contents like vitamins and minerals intact. Processed foods are usually devoid of all that, so she stays away from foods like white bread and pasta. Instead, she opts for lots of green vegetables, fruits, protein from lean meat and nuts, brown rice, and buckwheat. Elle Macpherson says, “Organic food is really important. I can't stress enough the importance of eating non-processed food where possible.” She also drinks 3 liters of water every day and sleeps for 8 hours.


Exercising regularly is very important to the supermodel, as much as her diet is. Elle Macpherson is a very busy woman being a single mother of 2 sons and running several successful businesses. However, she works out three times a week. She believes in smart training and not hard training. “You shouldn’t work out for more than an hour,” she says. Her workout regimen includes training with lightweights and running on the treadmill. If she is not working out at the gym, she does yoga, swimming, horse riding, and pilates.


Final Word on the Elle Macpherson Diet:

Elle Macpherson was born blessed with the 'tall and slender' gene, but she has worked hard at keeping it that way. She treats her body like a temple. She eats clean organic foods and drinks plenty of water. She also stays away for excessive alcohol and caffeine. She also works out regularly and keeps herself involved in other physical activities as well. What a woman! Elle Macpherson – Respect!


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Elle Macpherson Diet