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Maria Menounos Diet

Celebrity Diet - Maria MenounosThe Maria Menounos diet and fitness regimen is something that commends respect. Why? The sensational Access Hollywood host is no stranger to junk food, and during her college years, she was 40 pounds overweight. That was because she was on the 'dorm diet' which consisted of limitless cheesy pizzas and French fries. Then through sheer determination, she lost all that weight. Let's check out how she lost those extra pounds. If she can do it, then I'm sure that any one can do it.


The Maria Menounos Diet

The 33 year old host of Today says, “When you shed that much weight, you feel like a completely different person,” she says. “I feel even more confident than I did before. I’ve had a healthy self-esteem even through major weight gain in my life, so it’s even elevated more. I feel that much better.” Maria Menounos has made a conscious effort to monitor her food intake and learnt to balance it out. However, she does have her weak moments, and gives into some of her favorite junk foods. “Unfortunately, I love ice cream, I love cookies, I love Doritos – I love a lot of junk – but I balance it out by eating super-healthy,” she says. Menounos tries to have fresh vegetables and lean meat as much as possible. She even has her own garden from where she gets fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, lettuce, red onions and garlic.


When it comes to her fitness, Maria Menounos makes sure that she uses all tips and techniques that she learnt on the Biggest Loser ranch. On a typical day this is what she would be doing; “I usually get on the treadmill and I’ll walk on an incline for a little bit at a 4.3, and then I’ll start to run for the last half of it – even if it’s five minutes or 5-10 minutes, I’ll run at a 5.5, and for the last minute, I’ll make it as fast as I possibly can run. Then I’ll get down on the floor and do some leg-based Pilates and I’ll do some squats and lunges, quick abs. While I’m doing squats, I’ll do bicep curls. All of this doesn’t require anything aside from two dumbbells and a treadmill. If I didn’t have a treadmill, I would run outside.”


Final Word on the Maria Menounos Diet:

Maria Menounos diet has gained my respect. The woman has mastered the art of balancing out the food that she eats. Moderation is the key. She also hits the gym regularly and works out hard. It is exactly like what I usually say about getting in shape and her example can be followed.


Mazel Tov!


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Maria Menounos Diet