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Katherine Heigl Diet

Celebrity DietKatherine Heigl has always been one of my favorite actress, right from her days as Dr.Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anatomy. So, it is only fair that I write about the Katherine Heigl diet. This 5'9” tall actress has always been known for her curves. Interestingly, she was never a big fan of working out. But it all changed the day she met Harley Pasternak, and she got introduced to the 5 Factor Fitness plan. Let's check it out.                                            

The Katherine Heigl Diet:

The 5 Factor diet and fitness plan is one of the healthiest plans around, and I'm glad that Katherine Heigl follows that. As per this plan, she would eat 5 small healthy meals a day. She makes sure that she has lean protein, healthy carbs, fiber, healthy fats, and lot of water every day. On a typical day, her breakfast would consist of French toast with ricotta cheese pillows. As a mid morning snack, she would have a mixed berry shake. Her lunch would be chicken salad with black beans. She would munch on hummus crudites as an afternoon snack. Finally, for dinner, she would have fish with brown rice and edamame beans.

When it comes to fitness, Katherine Heigl, works out for 25 minutes, five times a week. Her workout session would begin with 5 minutes of warm up cardio like jogging or jump roping. Then she would do 4 sets of 25 dumbbell flies, 25 lunges, and 25 lower body crunches. She does the 4 sets in 5 minutes. Katherine Heigl would finish off her daily workout session with 5 minutes of cardio like running or elliptical training.


Final Word on the Katherine Heigl Diet:

Healthy as hell! 10/10! Eating 5 healthy, small meals a day is a great way to keep the metabolism up and running. The 5 Factor workout is really good because, it does not take much of anyone's time. It is just 25 minutes a day, which anybody can do. Katherine Heigl's diet and fitness gets double thumbs up signal from me. And good luck to you!


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Katherine Heigl Diet