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Kate Gosselin Diet

Celebrity Diet - Kate GosselinI was always curious about the Kate Gosselin diet ever since the day I saw a couple of episodes of Kate Plus 8. There were two things about Kate Gosselin that made my jaw drop twice; 1) she is the mother of twins and sextuplets and 2) she has washboard abs. Being the single mother of 8 should be quite the challenge. But considering all that she has accomplished so far, she is aptly dubbed by some as the real life Wonder Woman. I'm told that she had a tummy tuck after her sextuplets, but Kate Gosselin has worked really hard at getting that fabulous shape. Let check out what is the diet and workout regimen of Kate Gosselin would be like.


Kate Gosselin Diet:

Last year, Kate Gosselin's diet got a lot of media attention because she had lost 10 pounds in 10 days. Ever since her divorce, she is looking more fabulous than ever. Her total calorie consumption per day is about 1400 to 1600 calories and they come from high-quality protein like chicken and fish and fruits, vegetables and high-fiber grains. Her diet is very low in processed sugar. She regularly purchases the farm fresh fruits vegetables from a local farmer. “I’m probably the healthiest eater you’ll ever meet,” she says.


Before Kate Gosselin's stint with Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), she used to only work out on the treadmill or elliptical trainer for an hour every day. But DWTS changed it all for her. She became more toned and wanted to stay that way. So now she runs 4 miles every day near her Pennsylvania home. But that alone is not not enough to maintain her killer abs (which some believe is spray painted). She does a lot of deep core training: planks, and really working on activating her glutes. This is because as a mother a woman's anterior pelvic tilts, causing the stomach to look bigger than it is actually is. Kate Gosselin, 35, definitely seems to have aligned it back and has got those muscles back.


Final Word on the Kate Gosselin Diet:

Kate Gosselin did what she had to look the way she is now. This doesn't mean that everyone should go under the knife. A great body can be achieved through sheer hard work and with healthy eating habits. But then again, if I had been a recently single mother of 8, I would have probably done the exact same thing. Kate Gosselin – Respect!


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Kate Gosselin Diet