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1800 ADA Diet Menu

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1800 ADA Diet Menu -- Healthy Diabetic FoodThe 1800 ADA diet plan promoted by American Diabetic Association recommends a healthy diet that is dense in nutrients, balanced in calories, and low in sodium and fat. A well-proportionate diabetic diet plan, the 1800 ADA Diet Menu primarily includes foods from all food groups and consists of a healthy balance of calories, carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. This diet regimen is aimed to provide optimum nutrition to the diabetic patients. A well-rounded ADA 1800-calorie diet menu mainly comprises of whole grains, healthy oils, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and legumes. Starchy vegetables, sweets, fats should be avoided while meat and milk should be consumed sparingly.



1800 ADA Diet Menu Restrictions






Fried Foods


Starchy Vegetables


Refined Flour



Olive Oil




ADA 1800 Calorie Diet Menu Picks



Spring Green Salad

Spring Green Salad

This diabetic friendly spring green salad is based around mixed, deep-green, leafy salad greens and lip smacking low-fat dressing. Just toss in scallions, radishes, carrots, salad greens, eggs, and delectable dressing, chill thoroughly and munch into the goodness of this delicious salad. It isn’t just wholesomely nutritious, but extremely filling too.



Whole-Wheat Pasta

Whole-Wheat Pasta

If you love your Italian pasta, but stay away for the fear of carbs overdose, then tossing in whole-wheat pasta instead of the regular ones can work for you. Whole-wheat pasta is a good source of complex carbohydrates that not only furnishes the body with extra health and vigor, but also offers much needed stamina to the diabetic patients.



Chicken On A Grill

Chicken On A Grill

Chicken on a grill is perhaps better than all the deep-fried chicken items in the world put together since they are necessarily low in fats and calories. Being a source of protein, chicken helps the body to stay high up on health and stamina.



Homemade Yogurt

Non-fat homemade yogurt isn’t exactly a delicacy, but that doesn’t undermine its health benefits. A healthy probiotic loaded with good bacteria, slurping on a bowl of non-fat yogurt won’t just fill your tummy and keep hunger pangs away, but also boost body immunity and digestion. Just add some fresh fruits like strawberries or nuts to your yogurt, and you have a delicacy there.



A healthy, well-rounded 1800 ADA diet menu can help you to manage diabetes, given you stick to its dietary recommendations to the tee.

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1800 ADA Diet Menu