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IBS Diet Menu

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IBS Diet Menu -- High Fiber FoodsIrritable bowel syndrome diet or IBS diet is a nutritional therapy especially devised for those suffering from gastrointestinal infection or severe abnormal bowel movements. A standard IBS diet menu platter comprises of fruits, nuts, soy yogurt, eggs, rice, cold-water fatty fish etc. The key is to include plenty of starch free, gluten-free, low-carb, high-fiber foods, vitamins, antioxidants, and loads of omega 3 fatty acids to your everyday diet. Eating high-fiber, gluten free foods will help to relieve the IBS symptoms, and help your intestines return to normalcy in a short period. What more, choosing your diet wisely and sticking to it to tee will apparently keep away the symptoms of IBS from surfacing every ooff and on.



What To Eat And Skip In IBS Diet Menu





Yogurt and Probiotics

Milk Products

Peppermint Oil

Gas-Producing Foods



Soluble Fibers

Insoluble Fibers


Caffeine and Alcohol




IBS Diet Menu Spread



Carrot Potato And Parsnip Mash

Carrot Potato and Parsnip Mash

What better way to include the goodness of vegetables in your dinner than carrot potato and parsnip mash. Loaded with powerful phytonutrients and other immune-boosting nutrients, this healthy, tasty side dish won’t just help to flush out the disease-ridden microbes from your gut, but also leave your palate appeased.



Rice Pilaf With Sautéed Pecans

Nothing quite tastes like the crunchy, flavorful rice pilaf served with sautéed pecans. This high-fiber, protein delight prepared with wild rice, chicken bouillon, pecans, and parsley is endowed with healthy nutrients that is easy to digest and good to eat.



Cranberry Turkey Roast

Cranberry Turkey Roast

Cranberry turkey roast is an absolute delicacy that isn’t just gratifying to the taste buds, but high in proteins and fibers too. Also low in fat, this main course menu is truly drool-worthy. Just add anti-oxidant rich cranberries to your roasted turkey and see its flavor double up.



Stewed Apples

It’s true, stewed apples for dessert keeps sweet craving at bay. Apples aren’t just super health foods, but also makes for a great antioxidant, vitamins, and mineral source for your health. Just cook the apples in sugar syrup and cream and sprinkle it with flavorful cinnamon and you have a delectable dessert at hand.



IBS diet menu comprises of foods that eliminates symptoms like bowel cramps, gas and bloating and induces easy digestion and proper bowel movements. Hence, high-starch, high carb and insoluble food source are a complete no-no!

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IBS Diet Menu