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Diet Menu For Men

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 Diet Menu For Men -- Healthy FoodWhen it comes to zeroing down on a perfect menu that is satiating, appeasing, and high on health, men often hit a duck. Thank god, there is a specialised  diet menu for men  devised to address men’s unique requirement of foods and nutrients. The food spread usually includes plenty of tasty, healthy, low-calorie food options like seafood, vegetables, whole grain, steak, lean cuts of chicken, pork, unsaturated fats, etc. This diet plan consists of foods that are not just low in fats and carbs, but also have a low caloric content, thereby making it simpler for men to stay nourished and high on health. Including oysters, fatty fishes, bananas, broccolis, nuts, grains, plant stanols, soybeans, etc. on everyday meal can leave a man’s health and metabolism at peak.



Must Haves And Must Skips For Diet Menu For Men






Fatty Foods


Enriched Flour

Whole Grain Creals

Fried Foods

Lean Protein


Unsaturated Fats

Processed Foods




Tasty Foods Options For Diet Menu For Men



Guacamole Salad

Guacamole Salad

When it comes to healthy eating, guacamole salad definitely tops the list. Filling and really satisfying, guacamole salad is loaded with avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, some delicious seasoning and low-fat mayonnaise, that is high on health and taste at the same time.


Barbecue Bread

Packed with generous dosage of barbecue spices and low-fat cheese, barbecue bread is a treat for the senses. Crusty Italian bread baked to perfection, this wholesome dish is nothing short of taste and health.


Scallop Kabobs

Scallop Kabobs

This healthy, tasty appetizer prepared with bay scallops, hot-pepper sauce, salad oil and other delectable ingredients. The goodness of scallops combined with the taste of rich spices makes these kabobs a win-win health dish for men.


Chicken And White Bean Stew

Chicken And White Bean Stew

Stews are the numero uno comfort food for men, especially on famished evenings. Made with sunflower oil, skinless chicken, carrots, celery, thyme, haricot beans, chicken stock, and bay leaf, this delish dish is appeasing and healthy too.



Diet menu for men includes a hearty mix of both taste and healthy ingredients necessary to keep a man’s health at its peak.



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Diet Menu For Men